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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Old Houses Part 2

Last month, I posted a few photos of a couple of old houses in Riverside. We went back a couple of weeks ago to get some rose clippings so while I was there I took a few more pictures.

I was admiring this iron fence...quite lovely if you ask me.

This is the house next door...the one with the half round window in the front. If you didn't get to see my first post about these neat old houses, click here to check it out.

I love the details.

More fencing along the garage wall...

In the backyard, there is a old fountain which was probably pretty cool in its day.

Now I'm in the backyard looking at the house next door. If walls could talk, huh?

Back in the front, checking out the iris plants and wondering if we should grab a few.

What struck me as very odd is why would you leave drapes hanging in a house if it was going to be lifted and moved? (Which hasn't happened yet and we're wondering if it ever will.)

Now this might need some explaining...it is a close up of a tree on the property and there are some wires sticking out of it.. I'm sure at one time someone had wrapped the wires around the tree for one reason or another and the tree simply engulfed the wires as it grew.

Now I'm on the side porch, just wishing I could have seen this house in its heyday.

Still on the side porch, looking into the backyard....

Admiring the woodwork on the porch ceiling.

What a great place to sit and have some iced tea, right?

I actually drove by these houses about an hour ago and that's what reminded me that I still hadn't posted my second set of pictures! Oh and that fence that I was so admiring in the first photos? Guess what? It's not original. The owners added it about 5 years ago. It sure fooled me!


Major Pepperidge said...

That is a very nice house... I wonder if it is nice to live in. Old houses tend to have small rooms compared to what we are used to today.

Thufer said...

I just love this place. I wish I had the resources to obtain. Just a wonderful home.