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Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick Visit to the DL Resort Part 2

Imagine that...I went to both Parks in one day. I haven't done that in ages.

I'll bet this is a angle you've never seen in a photo before! I have no idea why I did it but now I'm glad I did!

I had to take a quick phone call but while I was talking, I was still snapping!

Here's an interesting tidbit for you....the night before my visit, I had a dream that I was walking around Main Street and I was looking for the horse "tie-ups". Now, I don't know what they are actually called but back in the old days, people tied their hoses to these things. There used to be at least four of these guys on Main Street and now there is only one. Yes, I double checked! I hope they haven't been removed permanently. I think they really add flavor to Main Street. This one has seen better days....his ring is missing.

Now we are checking out the new merchandise in the Clothiers Shop.

For you Minnie Mouse fans, there is TONS of cool new Minnie stuff!

Across the street, I saw a sign I couldn't resist.

In the Watch Shop (what's it called now??) there are some cool new T-shirts. Yes, more!

I was passing the Emporium and what do I see? Castmembers working on a puzzle!! I did some poking around and found out that there is a new puzzle for sale. Whoever thought it was a good idea to set up a table and have castmembers work on the puzzle was a genius!

I left the park and started to make my way to the World of Disney. But first I had to check out these roses. My friend in Illinois wanted to know if they had a fragrance. Yes, they do, but it's very faint. They are actually available to the public. (I think I blogged about this before, no?) I know I did. Oh well, come to find out that YOU can buy a Disneyland rose for your garden!!!

Check out this link for more info.

That's it until next time when we visit the World of Disney!


Thufer said...
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Thufer said...

Love the picture of City Hall. Nice framing on the tree. I also love how you seem to capture such wonderful reflections in the windows and other glass every time you take pictures at stores. I sometimes just look into those reflections and live a day in the park which those hazy reflections allow me by being a part of the adventure with no one knowing.

Good stuff today....ty!

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm glad you got to go to the park finally, Connie!