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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Test and Disneyland Visit

Confused? Don't be. On Tuesday, I took a test with a company in Orange County and I think it went quite well. Since I was out there and I didn't really feel like sitting on the 91 freeway for 2 hours, I decided to go to Disneyland.

I loved seeing the pumpkin characters above the turnstiles!

The City Hall area is apparently being renovated.

As I was walking by, I saw that the horse had been disconnected from the trolley!

The colors of Halloween!

By this time it was 4:20 in the afternoon and I was STARVING. I went to the Carnation Cafe and ordered a fantastic cheeseburger with fries. Oh it was good.

You can see that I had practically the whole place to myself!

After that GREAT burger, I walked to Frontierland and stopped to check out the cool Halloween stuff. Here you see a Leota snow globe. It is really cool and has a battery operated light which I turned on for the photo. At $24.95 it was a bit too steep for this unemployed Disney Freak so I had to be content with a photo.

Now THIS got me drooling! I love candles of all types as well as candle holders and this tea light holder is awesome!! I think this was $19.95 but don't quote me on it because I am not sure, LOL.

Check out this antenna topper! Yes, I bought one.

OK, after all of that drooling, I left the store and walked towards New Orleans Square. When you walk along the Rivers of America, you have to take pictures, right?

Now it's time for Haunted Mansion Holiday!

While waiting in line, I noticed these ADORABLE hats! Too cute!

A few shots taken inside...

That was FUN!

Next I hopped on the train so I could get to Main Street and then go to DCA. I love the way this photo came out because the center is clearly focused the the edges show the movement as the train went along the river.

As I said, I made my way to DCA for dessert...but you'll have to come back for that report!


Snow White Archive said...

Awesome snowglobe. The light effect makes it.

Debbie V. said...

love your reports.

Darrin.. said...

Wow.. Carnation makes one heck of a burger! That thing looks absolutely beautiful!