Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Disneyland Trash Cans

Yes Folks, trash cans!
Do you know where these two beauties are? You'll find them as soon as you come through the gates at Disneyland.

This should be easy to figure out - Adventureland!

How about these? Hmmm??? New Orleans Square!

Here's a trick question: Which two lands share the same style of trash can???
You can find these two in Frontierland.

Now we're in Fantasyland.

Still in Fantasyland but wait!!!
The area around It's A Small World has it's very own trash can theme!


OK all you hot shots...WHERE is this MYSTERY trash can????

Do these look familiar? They should. Critter Country has the same theme as Frontierland.

I know what you're thinking...you're thinking that I've already posted these and I'm trying to trick you. HA! I have not already posted these! If you look closely, these differ slightly from the trash cans in New Orleans Square. THESE are in the area next to the Haunted Mansion. This attraction also has its own special theme for trash cans.

Another tidbit: We're in New Orleans Square BUT...these appear to be themed for the restaurant behind them!

OK, two guesses where these are? Wait...before you say anything, look at the next picture.

If you guessed ToonTown, you'd be right. And ToonTown has two designs!
I hope you enjoyed this little adventure. I know I did even though my coworkers looked at me in stunned silence when I told them what I was going to do my photo report on!
For those of you still reading I will tell you where you can find the mystery trash can. Harbour Galley!!


Daveland said...

Being a big trash-can fanatic myself, I was somewhat sorry to note this weekend that they are phasing out the vintage vinyl style trashcans with the bold graphics, and using a new full-color process adhesive material. Just doesn't have quite the same pop as the old cans, but is much easier to put on. The old vinyl lettering must have been a pain. The Adventureland Can looks like it is still the older process.

Thufer said...

Those are so cool and yes, count me among the trash can fans. I love the Tomorrowland design.
Excellent post Connie.

Major Pepperidge said...

Did you ever see that set of souvenir pins that were based on the various trash can designs? I once got an email from a reader asking me if I knew where to buy Disneyland trash cans. I sure don't! For some reason the Fantasyland design with the triangle and circle is the one I remember the best.

Verification word is frxvmeta, which I am going to use in a sentence 10 times today.

Scrumplet said...

I am so glad (and relieved!) that I'm not the only one who notices these things...I also have a thing about Cast Member badges and what they say!

JG said...

OK count me as a trash can lover too. I first noticed this long ago, when i should have been watching girls. Really the level of attention is unsurpassed, no detail to small to overlook.

My favorite is/was the bamboo tiki-adventure theme, with the aluminum and blue Tomorrowland running close second.

Major - Souvenir pins? of trashcans? you have to be kidding. but, I'd buy them.