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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A nice morning strolling the Parks.

Look who's peeking over the hedge!

The fountain in Downtown Disney was spouting off.

Oh my....nuff said!

The ritual photo...

I like this view of the Main Street station.

Set up for something...

I stood for a quiet moment and just LOOKED.

It was a gorgeous day to sit and look out over the lagoon.

Who is in the water and why??

A nice view no matter which way you look!

I caught the cars upside down.

Did I mention we were enjoying a nice cool drink? This is a Very Berry Punch.

I could watch this for hours!

Interesting view, reflection and all.

Our bartender.


Construction goes on and on...

And the boys pause so I can take their picture!

Fastpass line for World of Color was nonexistent!

I love to stand and watch this attraction!

Did I get carried away???

I love what they've done with the old watch shop.
Well that's it for today - I'll post a couple more tomorrow.

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Thufer said...

11:47 AM; you were running late that day! Thank you for the shot of the Elias Window. I also, always take a second to glance and pause.