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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I take requests

Yes, I do. Photo requests, that is. One of my faithful followers, Thufer, requested that I shoot the backstage area of Disneyland that is visible from the top of the Mickey and Friends parking structure. So that's what I did...along with other riveting photos, LOL.
So after parking, I am walking across one of the bridges and decide that I need to shoot this. I'm sure somebody will find this fascinating.

Up, up, up I go to the very top...

Look! No cars!!

Interesting view of the Donald level below...

Ah, here we are...our first view backstage!

I wonder what's in that truck?

Feast your eyes on this...here comes a tram. I guess they are putting it into service.

More backstage goodness!

The gate has opened and yes, here comes the tram!

A couple more shots before I go...

On my way to the escalator...

As I ride down, a look to the right...

I glance to the left...

I look behind me....nobody is behind me!

After getting off the tram, I stuck the lens of my camera between the gates as I walked towards the Park and took these two shots.
This is the side along West Street (backstage).

I'm inside the Park!

Behind that door there used to be a tiny restroom many years ago. If it's still a bathroom, it's no longer available to guests. This is the area where people wait for their guided tours.

While having lunch at Carnation Cafe, I was struck by this lamp. No, it didn't hit me but I thought it was quite lovely. Lovely enough to shoot. With a camera.

I was surprised to see that the gas lamps were on during the day.

Darn I wish this picture had come out clearer. I love this sandwich!!

Now I'm walking back to my car and I liked this view of the bridges with guests walking across.


Thufer said...

Those are so cool. Thank you, it was so exciting to see behind the curtain. Several became instant favorites.
I loved the shot of the seldom (for me) seen West Street shot and the Guided Tour waiting area was outstanding and joined the desk top rotation.
Now, for yummy..... the shot where the tram is coming, there is a tunnel on the right side. Any idea what that goes too? Just good stuff; thank you so much Connie.

Connie Moreno said...

About 3 years ago I dated a castmember who worked in that back area and I seem to remember him mentioning a tunnel that went under the berm to a maintenance area for Critter Country. Good eye, I had not noticed it!

JG said...

These are nice. I saw the thread about seeing backstage from the lot, but have never been up there.

Also, have never been in the Guided Tour area. Never took one.

Thank you Connie and Thufer for asking and answering questions i did not know i needed to ask.

Best regards to you both.