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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Disney Exhibit Part 3 and Happy Birthday, Disneyland!!

My favorite place on Earth turns 57 today.  Yay!!

OK, we are continuing our tour of the D23 Disney exhibit, right? Right!  I thought this Mickey was adorable...and then...

...and then I realized that it was the Mickey in this famous photo of Walt!!

Of course, no Disney exhibit would be complete without Walt's office. This was the first time that I could take my time and examine every detail...

The books in his office interested me greatly.

Walt got the first employee badge and rightly so!

My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw this Mary Poppins costume!

This is for you sub buffs!

Would you believe I've never seen Flubber? Either one!

Now this made me smile...costumes from Babes in Toyland.

What will we see next time????


Hugs said...

I loved viewing this post. Walt's office is a true Time Capsule chock full of vintage Disney goodness. I especially love the Babes In Toyland toys. Ahhhh so cute!

Yellows said...

Sure wish Walt would have spent more time reading "Smoking and Your Life."