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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

As I get older...

...it's good to know I'm still a kid deep down inside! My friend, Linda, took me out for an early dinner on Saturday. We went to Johnny Reb's in Orange - one of my FAVORITE places. As we were leaving, she told them that we were celebrating my birthday. Mind you, my birthday isn't until Friday but she told them anyway. Why? Because she wanted to see me make a fool of myself in public, LOL. Here is a snippet...hope it makes you laugh!

Oh hell, here's the rest of the story!!


Thufer said...

Oh my, that was so funny. Took guts to share that......just awesome.
Happy Birthday on Friday. I hope every wish and desire comes your way in abundunce.
The 'Chicken Dance'...priceless!

Darrin.. said...

HA!! Awesome!! Dunno if I'd be that brave enuf to post a vid of me doing that!!