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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Christmas 1960 something

Don't know the date this photo was taken but I do know it was taken by me, a budding photographer. For Christmas that year, I received a brand new Polaroid Swinger camera and loved the instant gratification I got of seeing my pictures develop. Unfortunately, those photos don't hold up well with the passage of time. I have recently begun to scan old photos that I don't want to lose and this was one of them. This is my mom and dad posing by the horrible aluminum tree which I hated as a child. Above the fireplace is the famous peacock. I say "famous" because every time I move, my son asks me, "Mom, why do you keep this thing???" My response: "Because I love it! And because it reminds me of my childhood."

Currently, the old peacock is stored away, patiently waiting for the day that I have my own place and then it will once again have a place of honor in my living room. I had to laugh the other night while I was watching the Good Wife. Lo and behold, in someone's living room, was an identical peacock!


Thufer said...

Good photo Connie. They look beautiful and happy.
Most of us have a oeacock of some sort I am sure. hehehe Hiding him, packed away in a box, how sad. Free the peacock is shouted! :)

Momma Nic said...

Had fun looking through your blog this morning. Great work. I had to let you know we too have that peacock. We were helping a older lady move and she said, "here take this" So it now has a home on our patio. How odd to see the same thing.