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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I found a treasure...

While searching for some family photos, I found several of Disneyland that I was overjoyed to discover because I knew I had them, I just hadn't seen them in many years. I knew I had to scan them!!! I had planned to post these last Saturday but I got sick and was out of work until today. Ya, lesson learned: Keep your Disneyland photos at home!
I have several more shots that were taken on this day and I will post a few of them tomorrow. Keep in mind that these were the days before digital cameras so don't flame me if they aren't totally crisp and clear, LOL

Man...I sure do miss the Peoplemover...*heavy sigh*

1 comment:

Thufer said...

Good stuff. I always love coming accross stuff I knew I had but couldn't say where.
Yes, the peoplemover is missed.
Glad you feel better.