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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I will soon be homeless...

Hey guys, I am desperately trying to find a home for a cat. A little back story... My sister's neighbor is dying of cancer. He is in the hospital and will not be coming home. :-( My sister has been feeding the cat for several months now and has tried to find a home for the cat but hasn't had any luck. If I had a place of my own, I would adopt him immediately but I can't. I rent a room in a house and the homeowner has a large dog that hates cats. :-(

I've met this cat and it is so loving. It's been an indoor cat all of its life and we think he is approximately 4-6 years old but we really don't know for sure. I will not let this cat go to the pound. He has done nothing wrong and deserves a loving home. He can't help it if his owner is dying.
My sister says, "Thanks for any help.....you know, I don't even like Gatos, but I couldn't take him to the pound."
PLEASE show this post to anyone who might be interested!! THANK YOU!!!

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