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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Tour

I popped into the Park the other day and took many pictures. Of course, that's not unusual for me, LOL....but I decided to post a few here. First photo is of the clock at the Main Street Station. Note what time I arrived...

I decided to ride the train around the Park a couple of times. While we were at the Frontierland Station, I glanced over and noticed some new "plussing" of the area. I got a kick out of the hanging laundry. What's that? You want a closer look? OK, see the next photo!

Here you go, folks, a close-up of the laundry. It's very clever if you ask me.

Next, we see a shot of the keel boat that was recently added. Not a remarkable photo except....EXCEPT that I took a random shot from a moving train and didn't even realize I got the keel boat until I reviewed the photos at home, LOL!

Well, it's time to go home....how long was I there?


Thufer said...

Good pictures, thanks. It is reassuring to hear and see that the suits are 'plussing' little corners and again giving the 'Disney detail' approval yet again.
I am so envious of you guys who live near the park and can just drop by. Talk about the good life!

Clare said...

Awesome photos as always. One day I'll be back there with you.