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Monday, January 3, 2011

Recap of my Trip Part 7

Day 7 begins with... a few shots of our area of the Boardwalk. I am looking back towards our rooms.

Still standing in the same location but looking to my right,
is the front of the hotel.

Still standing in the same location but looking behind me, is the bus stop where you can catch the bus to several destinations within Walt Disney World.

On the road and I see the cruise line bus...those lucky dogs!

The Hollywood Studios tree...

Aw, it's Woody!

I like the Pixar sign.

I think they did a great job creating all these giant toys.

Waiting in line at Toy Story Mania...

We continue walking around the Park to keep warm...


Waiting for the movie...

I went back to get more shots of the toys...

Isn't this giant cookie jar AWESOME?

Pretending to man the Coke stand, LOL.

Well, that's it for Day 7!! I didn't take very many photos, did I?
I guess my brain was frozen!

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