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Friday, January 21, 2011

Video Friday

Hey guys, sorry for my absence. I've been sick with the flu. UGH. I'm feeling about 1/4th human right now but nowhere good enough to go into work.  So I was sitting in bed, listening to my Darkness Radio podcasts when they started talking about a very cool sounding paranormal research group that is highly scientific in its approach. They posted a video of something they caught on the Queen Mary and when I saw it, it totally creeped me out so I had to share!



sb-illustrations said...

First, "Hope you feel quickly". Second, I much prefer "What / Who (?)" we saw in the QM's pool area!

JG said...

That was a creepy video. There are lot of ghosts on that ship, there have to be.

I took the tour there years ago with my uncle. He had sailed on this ship to England during the war, the tour was very difficult for him.

I think I told you about my experience with what I think was a ghost on the carrier Hornet in Alameda. I am convinced that these old warships harbor memories of those past violent time.

Thank you for this post. You are often in my thoughts, and I wish you well.


Major Pepperidge said...

This video made me cry.

Scrumplet said...

Oh, thank you. I'll sleep a lot better having seen that, now. :O

Lillian said...

That was creeptastic, indeed...very interesting video, thanks for sharing!