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Saturday, September 3, 2011

A discovery of sorts

I was on my way to the nature center I mentioned the other day....driving through a residential area.....saw the little brown sign that said Historical Museum with an arrow pointing to the right.  I turned right...more houses...where is this place?...OH! I found it!

Hmmm....it doesn't say anything about a nature center but I'll go in anyway.

When I drove up to this building there was a sign in the window saying there was a day use charge of $3.00 but there wasn't anybody there to collect my money. What to do???? I drove in!

I parked the car and started walking around...

Ah, here we go...info!

This gorgeous old house caught my eye. While I was admiring it, I saw a sign posted that said the grounds were closed for restoration. Oops! I was trespassing! So I kept walking around, LOL.

Lots of old farm equipment...

There were some adorable baby donkeys beyond that fence. I didn't walk towards them because I didn't want the workmen to notice me and kick me out.

Here is a link with more into on the Jensen Alvarado Ranch

Something weird is going on with Blogger. It will not let me upload the rest of my photos no matter what I do. I will have to continue this post tomorrow. Phooey!


A Snow White Sanctum said...

"...closed for restoration. Oops! I was trespassing! So I kept walking around, LOL."

I like your boldness Connie. Very cool! :)

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