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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The World of Podcasts

It's funny how one casual remark can eventually lead to a big change in someone's life. I feel like telling a story so sit down and don't get up until I'm done. That's an order.

About two years ago, my friends, Karen and Peter, were visiting and we were spending a few days at Disneyland together. They started telling me about changes that were to come to the resort and I was blown away by their knowledge.

"How do you guys know all this stuff???" I asked.

Karen quickly informed me about Disney podcasts.

"Huh? What on Earth are podcasts?"

I can be a little dense at times so she patiently explained to me that podcasts are like radio shows only you download them from itunes and listen to them at your convenience. I made a mental note to check that out.

About a week later I started poking around itunes and naturally wanted to see what I could find in the podcast world on Disneyland. There wasn't much! About 96% revolved around Walt Disney World.  Don't get me wrong, Walt Disney World is beautiful - but it ain't no Disneyland!!! It does NOT have the magic of the original Park and that is simply because Walt was not physically part of that Park. A person's energy is a very real thing and WDW doesn't have Walt's.

So, I'm looking, looking....and finally I find a group of guys that puts out a weekly show about Disneyland. Yay! I begin listening and soon fall in love with the show. Their opinions did not always reflect mine but they didn't come across as jerks who thought they knew it all and I really, really liked that. It took a while (many months) but I finally sent them an email telling them how much I enjoyed the show. Before I knew it, several emails were being exchanged with Kenny Siegel and he expressed an interest in travel and photography so I suggested that he might like my blog. Lucky for me, he did like it and eventually asked if I'd like to take photos for The Gazette. Would I???? Do bears shit in the woods???? HELL YES!

Months went by and I had a blast sharing my photos not only here on my blog but with The Gazette. Then one day Kenny emailed me about a D23 Scavenger Hunt. He said The Gazette staff was forming teams and thought I might want to join them. WOW! I was so excited - I had been listening to these guys for a year or so and now I was actually going to meet them. So cool! I previously blogged about that day here so if you haven't seen the pics, check out that post.

Back to my story...  A year has gone by since the D23 Scavenger Hunt and I recently met up with the guys for this years' D23 Expo. It was nice to see the guys again and meet Kim. For the past several months, the panel has been graced with a new member, Kim Schroeder, and it has added a nice new twist to the discussions. Are you still with me? As a reward for reading this far, here is a photo I took at the Expo.

Bruce Boxleitner signing autographs.

Still wondering where this is going? Keep reading! So it's Saturday afternoon, we've spent all day at the D23 Expo and we all head over to Kenny's hotel room to relax a bit, discuss the day, check our iphones, tweet, etc. and I asked Kim how she happened to join the podcast.

"I asked!", she said. My mouth dropped open and before I knew what I was doing I blurted out: "Hey guys, if you ever need anybody, I'm right here!" (That's called planting a seed, LOL) The next day, the guys asked me to join in on the D23 podcast discussion. WOOHOO! I was bouncing off the walls! I did the happy dance for days. As of this writing, I have two shows under my belt and I am preparing for the next show....

Never, ever, ever did I dream I'd become part of something I dearly love - a group that discusses Disneyland! As a reward to those of you that stayed to the very end, here is a brief video I took at the Expo. This is a VERY cool pirate audio animatronic figure.


Davelandweb said...

Connie - This is fantastic! I'm glad this opportunity found you! Are you attending Dapper Day at Dland this Friday?

Major Pepperidge said...

Hey Connie, I've already listened to your D-23 episode, as you know! Congrats on a new project. I've been listening to podcasts for years... many of the shows I used to listen to are now extinct, or in a few cases I just got tired of them. I enjoyed the Disneyland Gazette!

Connie Moreno said...

Dave, I am THRILLED beyond belief! Major, that was just day ONE of the Expo! We've since released day two and tonight recording day three. I hope you enjoy the episodes!

Major Pepperidge said...

What the heck, why didn't I get day two?? I subscribed. Darn iTunes! How dare it not download something for free!! ;-)