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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Jensen-Alvarado Ranch continued

I don't know what's going on with Blogger but I'm getting mighty irritated! I could not add any more photos to my post yesterday so I sent Blogger some feedback. Hopefully, the problem will be resolved soon.

OK....I continued walking up the dirt path towards the farm equipment....

In the distance I saw a brick building which was once the residence of the Jensen-Alvarado family. There were more workmen over to the right so I decided not to continue walking up there. I found out that they do give tours of the home so I'm gonna have to do that once my roommate is able to get around on her own.

Oh and guess what??? After I left and was headed home I saw a sign that said Rubidoux Nature Center. I thought to myself, "HUH???" Apparently, the Jensen Alvarado Ranch was not the nature center I was looking for earlier!

I followed the signs to the nature center and it was CLOSED. I was so bummed. Oh well....something to do another day! Oh one more thing....

I am thrilled - THRILLED to tell you that I have been asked to become a regular on The Disneyland Gazette podcast!

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