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Monday, September 5, 2011

Mickey Merchandise

Iffin y'all didn't know, I love Mickey Merchandise, especially if it's kitchen related! I took these pictures on August 21st and then promptly forgot to post them. (That happens with age....)

Just look at all that COOL stuff!

These made me stop in my tracks. Yes, I said tracks. When I arrive at Disneyland I am automatically hooked up to a track system that takes me through all the shops. Deal with it.

So I'm looking at these and wondering: What the heck are they??? I touch one and find that it is ceramic-like in texture.

Let's zoom in on that card...

I saw these signs announcing the new bakery and my mouth started to water, LOL! Oh boy!!

Thanks for stopping by! Oh and if by some chance you still haven't heard enough about the D23 Expo and want to listen to a panel discussion about all that went on, The Disneyland Gazette will be releasing part two in a day or so.

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A Snow White Sanctum said...

That Jolly Holiday bakery looks intriguing!