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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Poking around DCA Part 2

Yesterday we were checking out the details of Katz and Sons and now it's time to meander through yet another store. What caught my eye is that this built-in shelf unit is open! That means it's not really a true built-in but a storage area cleverly disguised as a built-in. Am I making any sense? I think I watch too much HGTV. Anyway....

On the wall there is a message board and you really should take the time to check out all of these messages! Be sure to click on the photos to enlarge them.

This one made me smile....which Roy do you think they are referring to?

Next we see the candy shop and it is empty. I mean empty! But wait, so is the ice cream shop!

Maybe people don't want ice cream in the morning? Heck, it wasn't that early; approximately 11:00 a.m.

I had to go into Elias & Company....just had to!

Inside, I found a very cute Snow blouse.

When you visit DCA, take time and really look at the window displays. At first, I was admiring all of these silly mouse ears hats and then I noticed all the cool old stuff in the background!

Should I ride the trolley? It's too darn hot! Maybe next time.

Every time I come to the Park, I look up at that little balcony waaaay up there and I always expect to see somebody sitting up there. It could happen, ya know!

Just to be sure, I zoomed in, LOL!

 Well, there wasn't anybody this time around but I'll keep checking!


Thufer said...

What a wonderful peek. I just find the 'details' more absorbing than the show sometimes.
Fun, fun.

Snow White Archive said...

Very nice looking SW top. Thanks for the pic! The poster advertising the Flower Street Players was interesting too.