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Monday, August 6, 2012

Random Disneyland

How's everybody doing???

Today's post doesn't have a lot of pictures but I think you'll enjoy it nonetheless. On 7-30-12, I popped into the Park to meet up with some of my fellow podcasters from The Disneyland Gazette. While they were on Star Tours, I enjoyed my walk through Main Street, on my way to Tomorrowland.

While I'm not "in love" with the Astro Orbitor, I am always amused at the view this angle provides. Hey, what's that??

A slight zoom of the camera shows us that the mountain climbers are on the Matterhorn.

In the Silly Merchandise section we find:

LOL, you've got to admit, that's funny! I met up with my peeps and we decided to dine at Pizza Port before going to DCA.

For those of you that are wondering, I had the apple, walnut, cranberry salad and it was VERY good.

Tomorrow:  DCA and the Pixar Play Parade!

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