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Thursday, March 20, 2014

The Grizzly Flats Train and More

As promised, we continue our exploration of the Grizzly Flats barn. Inside the barn is the Grizzly Flats train. For some strange reason, it's not all together so it's a good thing that I decided to stick around and fully explore the barn and discover the rest of the train!

This is actually the first thing you see upon entering the barn and then you see the engine which I shared in my previous post.

These really do remind me of the horse drawn trolley cars at Disneyland!

You know I had to know what that little sign said...

No, I didn't climb up on the train, LOL.

As I continued exploring I came upon another train,
much bigger than the Grizzly Flats. I was drawn to inspect it.

They had such beautiful artwork back then...in places where hardly
anyone would notice!

See that leg? It belongs to a tall man. That should give you an idea of just how BIG the wheels are on this train!

At the back end of this engine, I found some more artwork.

These were painted on panels on either side of the door.

Looking inside...

Some restoration is going on.

Guess what? There still MORE Disney train stuff to come!

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