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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

DCA - Before the Construction

I went back through my photo archives to find some gorgeously juicy tidbits of DCA before the major rehab. I enjoyed going through the photos and remembering things that I had forgotten, seeing attractions and buildings that no longer exist. So I will share them here with you to peruse, ponder and enjoy.

Put your feet up and get comfortable because I have LOTS to share. (Not all in one post. If I did that, you wouldn't came back!)

Since we've been having so much rain I knew there would be plenty of you that would appreciate pictures of the sun. But not that sun...

Remember this?

I always admired this sculpture every time I went to the Park.

I think this shot was my always one of my favorites. 

During the holiday season, lights were strung nearby. Too bad I didn't get a night shot!

I always enjoyed the different water flows. What do you remember about this? Leave some comments!

I apologize for the stark white borders around these photos. Back then I didn't save a copy to a CD - stupid!!! I trusted the Kodak Photo Gallery would always be around and sadly they closed shop and transferred (poorly) all the photos to Shutterfly. Ya, I know, I harp on that all of the time but let that be a lesson to you!

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Anonymous said...

I always wished they had a small version to take home!