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Friday, March 7, 2014

Gone But Not Forgotten!

So many things have changed at DCA that sometimes when I talk about something that used to be there, I get blank stares from people. They look at me as if I am hallucinating because they don't remember what I'm talking about. This post is for you!

I thought the original entry was very unique. And beautiful. And unique. I wonder where all those individually hand made tiles ended up?

Ah, the Golden Gate Bridge's southern twin. Lovely to look at whether it was holiday time or summer time. Or even Miller time.

This was a pretty clever sign, don't you think?

Ah the tortilla factory. Never did I think it would eventually be gone. I miss those warm tortillas.

"Maseca!" I am so glad I shot this mural because I always liked it and well, I liked it!

Before the Little Mermaid moved in.

Yet another gorgeous mural.

The Sun Wheel....who can forget that?

Finally, Brother Bear or bears as the case may be.

Still more to come...

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