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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Tom Sawyer's Island Part 3

We continue our journey toward the front side of the island. By "front side" I mean the part visible if you are standing in New Orleans Square. Got that? Let's start walking... 

I had to pause and watch these people...they were having a ball on the pontoon bridge.

I keep heading to my right....

Stuff for kids to play with, I reckon.

Another shipwreck and that skull cage from the POC movie.

Oooh, where do these go? I'll have to wait to find out.

And I'll get to THAT bridge later!

Here's a close-up of the skull cage - taken from...

...way over here!

You have to admit, these trails are so inviting!

You can barely see a man relaxing in this photo. I wanted to stop and sit a spell myself! This was one of my favorite places to sit and wait for my son when he was around 8 years old, running around the island.

Nice view of the Mark Twain.

I wonder if they actually use this storage shed for anything? I'd swear that when I was a kid, there was a Fritos stand around here someplace.

Here are some of the bathrooms....hmmm...what's that sign?

Oh! The sign says "You Are Here"!

Doesn't that cave entrance look inviting?
 It does to me!

Darn! I'll have to wait until I make my way around to the other
side of the island.

I sure don't remember this area - what a great place to sit and...

...check out the shoreline!  Couldn't resist this shot.


Here's a little something that is really cool and a must see.
It's a neat little video about the Sleeping Beauty Walk-Through.

That's it for today, folks!


Thufer said...

Oh my; so many changes to the island from the time of my last visit. What a wonderful playground it still appears to be. I will confess a bit to much 'pirate-ting' going on but still; the young boy in me is thrilled to be along for this journey.

TokyoMagic! said...

Connie, your fourth pic from the top shows a "crank thingy" (I don't know the technical term)...if you turn it (it may take more than one person), it slowly raises a skeleton up out of the water nearby and I think he is holding onto a treasure chest or something...I can't remember. I've seen the mechanism broken and not working on more than one occasion, but next time your over there, give it a try!

Connie Moreno said...

Tokyo, I had a feeling it did something, since I stood there for quite a while actually...watching all the little boys turn, turn, turn it over and over, LOL! I found out later (and you'll see) that it did indeed "do something"!