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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tom Sawyer's Island Part 6

I made it safely out of the cave! So what happens next?
We climb some stairs....

I wonder what's behind that door? Probably something Fantasmic related.

I go up a few more stairs and notice this cool water feature that
leads to the Mill.

Oh, there it is...the treehouse!

I like the way the water "originates" from the bottom of the tree.

Let's walk around the tree and get a good look...


I guess that's where I need to go. Part of me wonders if I"ll fit!!

A quick look back before I enter the treehouse.

If you had been with me, you would have heard me say out loud: "Oh man, I hope those guys (meaning you) appreciate this!!" Before I proceed to climb these stairs....

I look down at the latter I just climbed up.

I took a deep breath and climbed into the treehouse. It took me a minute or so to adjust...but then I started admiring the place.

I love the peep holes in the eyes!

Oh great...I can't stay here forever so now I have to climb down...

Ugh...it's a long way down!

Did I make it down and out of the treehouse?
Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventure!

Today is the DCA's TENTH anniversary! Guess where I'm at???


Major Pepperidge said...

For DCA's 10th anniversary, I am guessing that you are at... Target?

TokyoMagic! said...

Thanks for the treehouse pics. I haven't been up there since the redo of the island and didn't know that they had added stuff to it.

Now Major has me wondering.....are you at DCA for the 10th Anniversary today? I'm off today and was planning on heading over there just out of morbid curiosity (I'm getting a late start, I know). I just thought that maybe they're handing something out? Probably not, but like I said, MORBID curiosity. I will keep my eyes peeled just in case you are over there!

JG said...

Connie, thank you for the wonderful walk-through of the treehouse. I remember it well from youth, it doesnt seem too much changed.

I was reading a book on mythology and symbols recently and was struck by this treehouse's resemblance to the mythical ash tree in Norse legend, Yggdrasil, the world tree with its roots in the netherworld and branches in the sky and the fountain of all the world's rivers springing from it's root.

I think the image is too perfect not to be a purposeful effort by the Disney designers. there are lots of other mythic references in the park as well.

thanks for letting me babble on...


A Snow White Sanctum said...

Thanks for taking us up into the treehouse Connie. I've never been.