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Friday, February 4, 2011

Tom Sawyer's Island Part 2

Today we continue our journey up the other side of the island. Are you ready? Let's go!!!

Oh, wait... Before we start heading up on this side, there's the little matter of pirate treasure. Lots of it!

Don't ask me what those long things are...

The kids were going crazy with this stuff!

 Looking back at the fort...and I'm dying to start climbing on rocks!

WHY do people feel compelled to do this to a tree???

My walk continues and I spy another area that is begging for exploration.

What's this??

I never, ever knew they had an elevator at the fort!

The backside of a shipwrecked ship...

I never paid attention to how many bridges there are on the island.

We continue our exploration...

Oh man, those stairs are just calling to me!



And not a soul in sight!

That's it for today folks. No, we haven't gotten to the front of the island yet - there's LOTS to see on this side of the island!!


A Snow White Sanctum said...

These are some nicely composed photos. I'm truly enjoying your little trip around the island.

Thufer said...

It is a blast. Can't wait for next part.

TokyoMagic! said...

Don't do it, Connie! Don't enter the bridge through the exit! The Cavalry-dressed security guards will throw you off the island if they catch you! Actually....does Island security even dress like that anymore? I know they still do at Tokyo DL.

Maybe those long things are supposed to be bars of gold? They look like loaves of bread.

I'm still enjoying this series, but I miss the old TSI that had a Fort Wilderness that we could actually explore and I miss Castle Rock too!