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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


All of you know how much I love Disneyland but every once in a while I like going to Knott's. It appears that they will have quite a bit of neato stuff happening soon to get us all in the Holiday spirit. I pulled the following from their site...

Knott's Christmas Crafts Village (through Christmas Eve)

Knott’s 1880s Ghost Town will again be transformed into Knott’s Christmas Crafts Village, inviting mall-weary guests to explore one-of-a-kind treasures created by more than 100 artisans in a Victorian holiday wonderland of strolling carolers, musical groups, community choirs and lavish holiday decorations.
 (Monday through Friday until 12-24-09, only the entrance cost will be: Regular - $10.00; Seniors (62+) - $5.00; Junior 3-11 - $5.00; 2 and under - Free. There is an up charge to see the Ice Show - Regular and Seniors - $5.00; Junior 3-11 - $3.00. There will also be a One-Time Ride Passport for GhostRider available for $5.00.) Entrance on weekends is free with price of park ticket.

There is plenty more happening there, too. Go check it out!


Major Pepperidge said...

If I can buy pine cones, spray-pained gold, with googly eyes glued on them, then I am so there.

Connie Moreno said...

Major, I promise you, you'll find them there, LOL!

TokyoMagic! said...

I was working there the first year of the "Knott's Merry Farm" craft fair back in the '80's and it was FREE! I can't remember how many years it remained free, but at some point they decided to start charging $1.00. By the time I left, it might have been up to $2.00, but now they're charge $10.00 just to go in and shop???? By the time you add the $5.00 for the ice show and another $5.00 for Ghost Rider you may as well just pay the additional $14.99 to get to see the rest of the park!

And how can they charge $5.00 for Ghost Rider anyway? The way that thing beats people up, Cedar Fair should pay us $5.00 to go on it! (Okay, I'm done complaining and I will say that I have a new appreciation for Knott's after the Knott's Preserved event back in April....and I even bought an annual pass for the first time ever after that event!)