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Monday, November 15, 2010

Covert meeting outside of Knott's

On Sunday, I had a meeting with a very mysterious and elusive person to exchange some important files. The identity of this person must remain a secret - I was informed that I would suffer the consequences if I revealed his identity, therefore, I must take that secret to my grave. All I can say is that we met by the chicken...

However, I can tell you that some time in the future, he will be using the files I gave him for a series of reports which will appear here.

After our meeting, I returned to the scene to take a few pictures. Enjoy!

You'll NEVER get me on this thing!

Then I walked over toward Ghost Town and stuck my camera
through the fence...

 Man, I really want to go inside Knott's!


Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, Connie, you didn't have to keep my identity a secret! I'm just lame about having my picture taken/posted. Part of my mental condition!

Connie Moreno said...

LOL, just wanted to seem mysterious!

JG said...

HaHa, I knew it would be the Major.

Thank you for the pictures.


Chris Jepsen said...

You know, it's only about $60 for an annual pass at Knott's, right? Give yourself and early Christmas present!

Darrin.. said...

Man... I wanna go to Knotts. Haven't been there since I was a kiddo.