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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let's look at Main Street

Again? Silly you. Of course! There is no rhyme or reason to these photos - I just shot what caught my eye.

I sooo wish they would make this a coffee house again.

I rarely see anyone sitting here.

Here's a close-up of one of the window displays. Pretty cool, eh?

Work continues on the Carnation Cafe.

And now, here's a treat for you...well, sort of. I reached up, up, UP and put my hand over the construction walls to take a few pictures of the Carnation Cafe construction. My first attempt wasn't very good as you can see...

However, the next two shots are much better!

It was very warm that day so I popped into a shop to escape the sun for a spell and to look at the details that most people don't notice.

Back outside, I loved the way this looked in the light. I don't know, it just looks pretty!

It's funny, I love taking pictures of the streetcars but I rarely take the time to ride them. What a dope!

My last stop on Main Street was a quick peek at the newly refurbished Coke Corner.

I'm not sure I can tell what they did to refurbish it. The next 3 photos were taken back in January of 2008. You tell me if you can see anything different!

That's it for Main Street. Come back tomorrow and we'll look at something else and the most magical place on Earth.


Thufer said...

Oh how I agree, the 'Coffee Gardens' in it's many varieties was the best (IMHO) real estate in the park to just sit, relax and watch. I have always felt a special tingle of pix-y dust in this little corner of the park. There is just magic from the East tunnel entrance around to the start of Main Street proper. Yes, the mirror side of town square is 'holy ground' with Walt's Apartment, but the East side has it's own feeling of Happiness!
BTW..The back side of the Indian Chief framed in the doorway picture is an instant classic. Good work and excellent delivery of subject matter. I just love your little shopping trips...hehehehehe.

Davelandweb said...

Did you stop by City Hall to give 'em your 2 cents about the Coffee Gardens?