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Friday, June 10, 2011

Video Friday and Disneyland Hotel

The other day, quite on the spur of the moment, I decided that I wanted to have lunch at Tangaroa Terrace. That's the way I am - an idea pops into my head and I usually act.

So I parked in the Mickey and Friends parking structure and walked to the hotel. It was SUCH a nice day - not hot, slightly breezy - perfect for a short walk.

As I approached the hotel, I stopped to watch the workers install a new window.

First, I made my way to Trader Sam's and looked inside

Oooooh, it's uber cool inside!!! I really wanted a Mai Tai but I was by myself and how fun is drinking by yourself? Not much.

I ordered my yummy cheeseburger and sweet potato fries and sat down at one of the outside tables to supervise the construction.

At this point, 3 "suits" walked up and started talking about the pirate ship.
(And I pretended to be more interested in my burger than them....)

Suit #1: Is all of this going?
Suit #2: Ya, all of it.
Suit #1: Even the ship?
Suit #2: Ya, even the ship.
Suit #1: It looks like it's falling apart.
Suit #2: It was falling apart when we got it!
Suit #1: Ya, that's what I heard!
Suit #2: They already pulled off everything they wanted to save. You know, like Tinkerbell....
Then Suit #2 leaned over and started whispering. Dammit, I couldn't hear him! They all laughed and walked away.

I finished my burger and proceeded to take a few more pics...

OK boys and girls. You've very patiently waited for your video and here it is.

I walked over to where the waterfalls used to be. Sadly, there is no trace of them but they did put in an interesting water feature that, to me, seems a bit out of place with the theme.
Decide for yourselves.

After that, I decided to sit by the outdoor fireplace. Man, what a cool place to relax. I kept hoping a castmember would ask me if I wanted to order a drink, LOL.

I really want to get a group of people together and spend some time at Trader Sam's.
It's a really cool joint! Anybody game?