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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Little Details

While having lunch at the Village Haus, I kept staring at this mural. I've never paid much attention to the Village Haus and I have no idea if this mural was on the wall before the refurbishment but I thought it was nice enough to photograph.
When I finished eating, I looked behind me and lo and behold...

Yup, there was Pinocchio!

As you are about to exit the Snow White dark ride, you see this fellow.

And on the building outside, you can find some of his friends!

To work off my lunch, I walked around the castle.

I love the reflection in the water.

I found some cute new pins.

Check out the stones that are painted to look like ducks.

Here they are from a different angle.

I submitted some photos and a few short videos to The Disneyland Gazette and Luke Manning put the videos together into a neat package so you might like to check them out here
Y'all know I'm afraid of heights but I rode the Jumping Jellyfish to get a peek over the construction walls at DCA!

Last but not least, here is something that should stay in your brain all day and drive you batty!


Thufer said...

Love the ducks; they always provide an excuse to smile.

Major Pepperidge said...

That mural is interesting because, in "Pinocchio", Pinoke and Lampwick always had a cigar in their hands or mouths. Can't have that these days! So they have cake and ice cream instead.