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Sunday, January 8, 2012

WDW Part 2

It's morning and we are going to the Magic Kingdom but I'm still noticing details in the hotel.

Finally here!

I met this really cute guy...

Does anybody know what all this construction ended up being??

Of course, I HAD to see the Carousel of Progress.

On a different note...
Our National Parks are wonderful, aren't they? I haven't visited many but if I ever get the chance, I plan to visit more. I was very saddened the other day when a park ranger lost her life, just doing her job. A fund has been set up for the children of Margaret Anderson. If you'd care to donate, please click here. Thanks.


Thufer said...

Seeing those pictures of the Carousel of Progress just tugs at my heart and I really do miss it so much. It was such a wonderful attraction.

Luke Manning said...

The construction was for Stitch's Supersonic Celebration, a show that lasted a month. The stage is now used for dance parties in the summer and special events.