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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I love going to Oak Glen for several reasons, lots of apples, apple pie and good grub. It's a great place to spend an afternoon because there is something for everybody. Being surrounded by all those trees did my heart good!

We spent some time in the gift shop and decided it was time for lunch. Yum, a pulled pork sandwich was calling my name!

I love pumpkin patches. Ya know, I make some mean pumpkin seeds!

I have no idea what this little building was used for but it caught my eye while I was waiting for my friend to pay for her apple butter. I thought it was pretty cool because it is built into the hillside.

Finally, back home, here's my jalapeno plant - full of jalapenos. Yum!

I'll be going to Disneyland soon....stay tuned for pictures!


JG said...

My guess is, the little building was sort of root cellar.

Apples can keep for a long time (months) in a cool air environment.

Before refrigeration, it was common to take advantage of soil cover etc. to make cool rooms for food storage. Think "wine cave".

I bet that little building was full of apples all through the winter and into spring, back when it was new.

My mom and dad had a cupboard in the old house with no floor, just wire screen that opened into the crawlspace where it was always cool. the cool air rose into the cupboard and reduced the temperature for the eggs and fruit etc. keeping them a little longer. That was back when ice was delivered from town by a wagon...


Chris Jepsen said...


In the words of Ralphie Wiggum, "It tastes like burning!"

TokyoMagic! said...

I LOVE Oak Glen. It used to be a family tradition to go every year. I have a family photo in front of that little building at Snow Line Apple Orchards......I was only one year old and my mom is holding me. We went back to recreate the photo about 10 years ago....I didn't make my mom hold me! I asked the workers what that building was used for and it's just what JG said, it's a "cold storage" or a root cellar for storing the apples, but they don't use it anymore. If I remember correctly, they told me that it's over a hundred years old and so is that Chestnut tree behind it. I need to get back up there for some home-grown apples and some fresh apple cider!