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Friday, October 7, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party Part 7

Wow, we've been doing this for a week. Maybe I should make the posts longer......

Where were we? Oh ya....I finished eating my scrumptious caramel apple with peanuts and got out of my car to return to the park. I was parked at the top of the structure (Minnie) and couldn't help but notice the gorgeous night (dusk?) sky. So of course, I had to take a picture.

Or two....

Or three...

Once again, I had to go through security.  But this time, they had some new signs out!

Minutes before this photo was taken it has been lightly sprinkling a fine mist-like rain!

After going through the turnstile, I noticed the cool shirts the castmembers were wearing!

Now I'm in! But wait....I had to get in line...

Yes, everyone entering the Park needed a wristband to prove that you were supposed to be in the Park for the Halloween Party. You see, although the Park closed at 7PM for regular guests, those attending the Halloween Party were allowed to enter the Park at 4PM.

The Ghostly Mickeys welcomed you in.

I love Disneyland at this time of day/night. It's magical!!!

Notice how there seems to be a spooky essence enveloping the Park?

It looks rather crowded but the "regular folk" are leaving.

I sat on a bench in the hub and noticed that the lady sitting next to me was eating popcorn out of the most adorable box! Naturally, I had to ask her if I could photograph it. I'm sure she thought I was nuts until I showed her and her husband the photo and then he wanted to take one with his camera, LOL. I'm such a trend setter.

Look at that sky - perfect for a Halloween Party!

Still sitting on the bench, I look up and this was my view.

Doing my best Evil Queen impression. All Evil Queens have a widow's peak.

I take a quick glance behind me and then...

...it's time to do some Trick or Treating! Walking by Star Tours, I really enjoyed this projection on the wall.

Come back tomorrow as we start collecting candy!


Major Pepperidge said...

There's something about that autumn twilight sky that adds so much!

Davelandweb said...

Love the Evil Queen shot, Connie - all you need is a purple robe to complete the look!