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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Is it retro?

Good morning! As you are reading this, I am at the CHOC walk at Disneyland! Hopefully you can find it in your heart to help the kids and sponsor me. OK, on with the show...

I know a lot of people out there dig retro stuff. So do I. My eye is always automatically drawn to anything retro. I guess that's why I took these pictures. But...as I was getting ready to write this post, I realized that these are not retro - they are originals. Doesn't retro mean "to look like" or "to be like"...key word being like?

So you may have heard of an old bank from waaaay back in the day called Home Savings. They were always easy to spot because every bank building had interesting, unique and beautiful murals. Really! Home Savings eventually bit the dust, so to speak, and the buildings were taken over by another bank that eventually bit the dust. Do you see a pattern here? Anyway, I thought all of the buildings had been taken over by another bank but I was surprised to find one in Riverside that became a medical supply store. On the corner of Central and Magnolia, I give you the old Home Savings building.

Here's a shot of the front. I snapped this with my cell phone so it won't enlarge to the ginormous size you are used to seeing here.

Since we're on a theme of classic old buildings, here are three views of a very cool medical complex, also in Riverside.

I have a feeling that the gardens were originally like a Japanese garden but I may be wrong. I do know one thing - they must have looked really cool in their heyday.

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Debbie V. said...

There was a Home Savings near where I grew up in La Mirada. In fact, Home Savings ran a savings program for elementary school kids where we brought money for our 'bank book' on Fridays. Not sure if the building is still there or not. I"ve been away for decades.
Those patterned cutout blocks were everywhere back in the day in So Cal - and especially office areas. Nice pictures.