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Monday, October 3, 2011

Mickey's Halloween Party Part 3

You still with me? Good! I cruised on over to the Big Thunder Ranch area. Why I took this photo, I don't know.

As always, the Disneyland Decorating Squad took time out from their crime fighting duties to decorate this area very nicely.

I was secretly envying these people and their barbecue!

It's time to stop salivating because I think I made those guests uncomfortable. Now we will examine some of the very cool displays.

I actually dig that sewing machine. Wait, it's not a sewing machine? Well, I dig that thing.

See how nice everything looks?

These are the type of guys I'd like to have dinner with - you can tell they don't each much which means I can pick off of their plates.

How CUTE!!! The pumpkin, people, the pumpkin.

Here is Her Evilness, in all her pumpkin glory.

At first glance, Cinderella looks neat...but look again. Go ahead, enlarge the photo...her face looks strange.

I think this arrangement with Jack Skellington is simply spook-a-licious!

OK, that's enough of cute pumpkin arrangements. I continued walking towards Frontierland and admired the mountain range along the way.


Still admiring...

Finally, a decent shot (sorta) of what lies beyond the tunnel.

By this time, I was mighty thirsty so I popped into Zocalo for a Diet Coke and sat in the patio to absorb some Disney atmosphere. These clouds caught my eye. Let me tell you, sometimes that can be painful.

What is with me today? I'm on a weirdness roll. See what happens when I don't get enough sleep? Speaking of sleep, go back to bed and come back tomorrow. Oh and by the way, I am shamefully looking for new followers. Share this blog with your friends and family!


Thufer said...

Very pretty. I always have thought the fall of the year is the 'best' time to visit the park.

Major Pepperidge said...

I want to know how they keep their carved pumpkins from getting moldy!

Debbie V. said...

I envy you and your day here at Disneyland. Your photos are spectacular. Love the little scary black and yellow lantern guy - just a hint of what's to come. Is that a real/minature/baby cow/calf/goat (black and white) on top of the bale of hay?

Connie Moreno said...

Debbie, thank you for you kind words. Yes, that is a REAL goat!!

TokyoMagic! said...

I have the same question as the Major...I'm assuming that they carve fresh pumpkins every day?

Cinderella does look a little possessed!