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Friday, October 14, 2011

Taking care of business

Today I am driving out to Irvine to register for the CHOC Walk. Yay! Then, I will grab a sandwich and drive over to Crystal Cove State Beach to have a nice, leisurely lunch. Then....guess where I'm headed? You're probably thinking Disneyland, right? Nope. I'm going to Knott's Berry Farm. That's right - gotta go check out their Halloween decorations...and take pictures, of course!

Oh last night I was a guest on a podcast and we discussed GHOSTS. I will let you know when that episode is released.

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Debbie V. said...

Connie - looking forward to seeing your photos.
It's been decades since I've been to Knott's.
Remember the little strip where Bob's Men's store was? I think there was a leather shop too. Across from where you waited in line for the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. If any of that is still there I would love a picture. The year my husband and I were engaged (1970) he worked at the restaurant frying chicken. I used to wait around in the covered line area for him to get a break/off work. I bought him a fleece lined cordoroy jacket one Christmas from Bob's. Lots of good memories for me :)