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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Little Bit of DCA

Since there was a break in the rain, I decided to go to the Parks today. Didn't stay long as it turned out to be hot and crowded!!!

As soon as I entered the gate at DCA, I turned back and took these pics. They are so secretive about this project!

Nice sign...don't know how much longer it will be there.

A new meet and greet area for Lightening McQueen and Mater.

A peek into Carsland...

Another look at the Cars meet and greet area.

These were waaaaay in the distance and I don't remember ever seeing them before and yet they don't look like they have anything to do with Carsland...

Outside of the Blue Sky Cellar....

More signs...

About to leave DCA when this caught my eye. Once the construction is done, those things will frame the clock tower and the Matterhorn nicely.

 Tomorrow, we'll head on over to Disneyland.

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A Snow White Sanctum said...

Looks like Carsland is coming along nicely. Thanks for the update.