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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Another Buzz...

Yes, I went back to shoot some aliens!

I came across a family that was feeding the ducks and was surprised to see the ducks taking crackers from their hands! I asked if I could post their pictures and they graciously agreed.

Isn't that cool?

Next we strolled over to the Harbour Galley to check out the menu.

The Columbia wasn't sailing even though the Park was busy.

Refurbishing continues on Splash Mountain...

Nice sign on the Harbour Galley building.

I wonder how many weather-vanes there are in Disneyland?

Talk about weird!! I started looking, I mean REALLY looking at this window outside of LeBat en Rouge and noticed some strange things like this bird with a doll head. Insert Twilight Zone theme here.

 A paper crown??

So I took a picture of this sign from two angles: This one from below...

And this one from above.
Yes, I got a Buzz of a different kind...I went to Club 33!

In all the times I've been there, I never had a photo of me taken on the balcony...until now, that is!
My friend Marlene and her daughter, Brianne joined me.

Later that afternoon while walking around DCA, we saw these adorable young ladies in their "Minnie" skirts!


Davelandweb said...

I had never noticed that bird/doll head in the shop window. Really creepy...which means I have to go back and shoot it! Fantastic photo of you on the 33 balcony, too. Looks like your alien shooting scores are improving—you'll be better than Stacy in no time!

Thufer said...

Those window shot are just amazing.

Yes, the balcony picture is yet another reason for me to be green. La la la; guess I'll drop into the Club. How awesome.

A Snow White Sanctum said...

I continue to enjoy your photo tours Connie. Thanks for posting.