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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Back in the 70's, I loved watching the Muppets on TV...and I was in my 20's. Still, they bring a smile to my face. Check out this great post on Disney, etc. about a new film.

On the serious side...
A young paramedic was savagely beaten at Dodger Stadium. Why? Because he was a Giants fan. I can't stand the Giants but I also know that no true Dodger fan would have done this. No, this was done by worthless thugs. This poor paramedic is in critical condition. Please show your support by clicking on this link and reading the blog site. Thanks.

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sb-illustrations said...

Greetings Connie
Local trivia........This am's radio sports report was saying that security for tonight's game will be very similar to immediately after Sept. 11th.