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Friday, April 15, 2011

Where to next?

I was waling around Frontierland and spotted this little girl looking at her Disneyland map. I was immediately enchanted by her. She looked adorable as she studied her map, trying to decide where to go next!

There is a lot to see in Frontierland, besides the obvious.
Like plants, for instance.

I had never paid much attention to this giant succulent plant.

If you ask me, it really adds to the feel of Frontierland.

The top of Big Thunder Mountain through the trees...

The Golden Horseshoe is really golden in the afternoon sun!

I decided to sit in the shade and just watch the crowd... Check out just how long the line for Big Thunder is!

I went up to the balcony of the Golden Horseshoe
and took this from the window.

I decided to sit down and wait for the show...

I had not seen this particular group of Billies and they were quite funny. Incredible musicians, too!

All photos taken April 10, 2011.  More tomorrow!

So I was visiting family last night and the general opinion was that I should get a
makeover - hence. the new profile photo.


Thufer said...

I so appreciate that you are able to visit the park so often and take time to soak up the details.

Major Pepperidge said...

As always, you manage to capture a ton of details that everyone else misses. I know adults who can barely understand a map, that little girl (4 years old?) seems to know what she's doing!