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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Knott's Again

Hope you're not getting tired of this...guess what? I'm going again!

I poked my camera into a window and caught these "gents" playing poker.

I walked over to the jail to see if Joe was awake...

He was. And he gave me some good advice. He told me to go
to the saloon and catch a show.

Mind you, I hadn't been to Knott's in YEARS so it took me a few minutes to find the saloon, LOL! But in the meantime, I shot pictures.

Love this one!

They have cool signs EVERYWHERE.

Now I'm in the saloon checking things out...

The show is about to start so I better go take my seat....


TokyoMagic! said...
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Darrin.. said...

Have these recently been refurbished? They look great! Also.. I thought I remember the leg kicking when I was a kid. Does it still do this?