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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Knott's Saloon

I had never, EVER been inside the saloon for more than a few minutes, just long enough to buy a soda and walk out so today I was excited to actually see a show.

I noticed some stairs and asked if I could go up to the balcony. Guess what? I had it all to myself!

Isn't this cool????

While I was waiting, I noticed this little detail...See the fancy cup of beer in the center?

Looking down through the railings.

The show begins!

At first, I felt bad because I was the only person in the audience but then they started talking to me. Once they found out where I lived, they incorporated jokes about it in their act. I was cracking up!

After the show, I remembered that there used to be a gunfight from the balcony outside of the building so I went in search of that. Found the door...and noticed the unique ironwork.

Then I poked my lens through it for this shot.

Back outside, I went in search of the Bottle House. I don't know why, but as a kid, this place always fascinated me.

Well folks, that's it for today!


A Snow White Sanctum said...

Thanks for the tour Connie. I think it's pretty cool that they interacted with you directly during the show. Your own personal performance!

Momma Nic said...

Its great to see the old bottle house still a standin...just like me. tee hee

TokyoMagic! said...

Ouch! That would be a little awkward being the only person in the audience. The singer usually pulls someone from the lower level and brings them over in front of the bar and talks to them (and I think she sings a song to them too). It's always been a male guest when I've seen the show. If there's nobody downstairs, I guess they just cut that part out of the show.